The Meridian System

Author: Kimberly Fitzgerald, MA.

The Meridian System

The young man sitting with his friends in my office oozed skepticism.  InwarSNAKE-Oil-Cures-All-returntothemystic.org_dly, I smiled. I was oozy once, too. What was this so called Meridian System? It was such a foreign concept to him that what I know I spoke in English he heard in Chinese. (That is an ironic comparison). He likened this so called system of energy to some Old West Snake Oil Salesman offering some cure-all elixir. Yet, science, in more recent years, has confirmed that this complex system of energy does exist.

What it is?

In its most basic definition the Meridian System is a distribution network connecting all of the different areas of an individual together.  This complex “map” connects the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit together. Western thinking and philosophy, and more specifically Western Medicine, has approached and treated these various aspects of an individual as separate while Eastern thinking and Medical approaches see them all in connection to one another.

The connection to the Meridian System took place over 2000 years ago. (I do not have a typo). Science, thankfully, is now catching up and giving us data and empirical back up to what has been studied and utilized for eons. China is given credit for being the country, and more specifically the physicians and healers of that country, to first use the Meridian System for health and wellness. It is a highly complex system that contains 12 Meridians, or individual energy channels, that pair up (no one likes to be alone), and intersects with every vital organ or function in the body. These meridian pairings flow in a circuit, with half of that flow moving energy into the system and half of the meridians moving the flow of energy out; not unlike the concept of a pair of lungs taking in and then expelling out the breath.

Modern Science

Waterslide Microtubules IIThere are some star players in the modern discovery and research of the Meridian System. We have Korean scientist Kim Bong Han to thank for discovering that microtubules are the pathways for the Meridian System. (Think about an AWESOME waterslide tubing system). These are the pathways that carry the flow of energy, or as it is often called, Chi. It was the photographs of radioactive isotopes injected into meridian and non-meridian sites that gave us additional evidence of the existence of that energy within the Meridian System. The injected isotopes remained intact and “flowed” at meridian sites. They were contained, cohesive, and following the pathway. The isotopes at non-meridian sites dissipated due to the absence of the pathway. This major achievement was accomplished by Dr. Jean Claude Darras and Dr. Pierre de Vernejoul. A particularly pertinent piece of evidence, in direct relevance to Energy Psychology and clearing trapped, negative emotions, comes from Hiroshi Motoyama, PH.D. He developed the AMI, or the Apparatus for Meridian Identification.  This gizmo measures the electrical conductivity of the meridians.  When the measurement is distorted the energy flow within the meridian is being disrupted. And what do we have going on there? Negative emotions and thought; both energy producing experiences. They affect the free flow of electromagnetic energy. That alone has incredible implications concerning our thought life, doesn’t it? And in this collection of amazing brains and brilliant research we have the inventor of the PET scan and the MRI, Zang-Hee Cho, PH.D. With the MRI he was able to trace the effects of an acupuncture treatment at the baby toe upon the blood flow to the brain; where no direct nerve, blood, or other connection existed. (I may have to rewrite the lyrics to “This little piggy went to market”).

Ancient Science

As we turn our thoughts towards Energy Psychology the basic starting point begins at the understanding, or at least at the possibility, that this system exists. (And listen, I was right there oozing skepticism but willing to “go-with-it” initiallyMeridian 2. Acceptance and genuine respect came later). Allowance of the existence of the Meridian System gets us connected to the practice of those ancient, brilliant others who worked diligently with this system of energy.  In the 2000 plus years of utilizing, developing and building understanding about the Meridian System, a body of information grew in order to understand better the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. Out of that collection of information we learn that emotions can and do store in vital organs. Those early Eastern physicians and healers were scientists in the sense that they used the method of Scientific Observation and Inquiry. Over and over they tracked and traced, observed and documented physical ailments and the corresponding emotions and psychological conditions. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Thoughts are energy. Emotions are also energy. Thoughts and emotions are linked togeThinker1ther as they flow through those microtubules. Microtubules pass through every vital organ in the body. Emotions and memories can store anywhere. South African Scientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, has done extensive research on the brain for 25+ years. Her work (and the work of other Neuroscientists) corroborates the effects of thoughts on the body. She has been quoted to say that “75-95% of all sickness and disease is due to our negative thought life.” And the transport system carrying that thought life and the energy it creates to every nook and cranny of the body is the Meridian System.

The meridians are an intimate part of our amazing design and are an invaluable resource. That Meridian System, your Meridian System, contains information about your specific mental, physical and spiritual health. Where there is balance there is health. Where there is imbalance there is dis-ease, toxic build up, and lack of function. So how do we access this information? How do we utilize that information? Where do we go from here?

Stay tuned and in upcoming posts I will begin to introduce you to some answers to those awesome questions.

Thank you for being here.

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The Subconscious Mind-The Basics

Author:  Kimberly Fitzgerald, MA


Wishing Well Death

“You are my 16th therapist and you are my last.” (Right then and there I flunked Poker Face 101). What exactly her previous journey had been would not be fully appreciated that day. It wasn’t until I understood the multiple attempts she’d taken on her life and working through the emotional programs and perceptions that the impact of her statement, “and you are my last,” took on its full meaning.  I recently spoke with this amazing client. We both marveled it had been two years since our successful time together had ended. She expressed the difference between the other therapists and our work together like this, “[You were not] like any other therapist I had worked with and [your] approach not only broke through my wall, but the rope [you] threw me was long enough to rescue me.” Her nickname for me became Sweet 16.

That “rope” was guided in large part by her Subconscious Mind. The other therapists had done all they’d known how to do. They were educated. They were trained. And they had experience. However, they could not reach her through the web of perceptions, internal rules, and the defense system that was in place.  It was as though the Subconscious Mind had jammed fingers into the ears and kept yelling, “Blah! Blah! Blah! I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” (That’s always fun in a conversation, wouldn’t you say)?  Talk therapy and even good behavioral approaches could not address those underlying rules and perceptions. When her emotional system overloaded she would literally go from zero to sixty in mere seconds. One moment, she was stable.  In the next, an emotional trigger would go off and the pursuit of death was the only perceived answer.

It’s an amazingly powerful example of the capability of every Subconscious Mind from both a negative and a positive perspective.


So what is the Subconscious? It’s an incredible part of your mind that links intimately and continually to every single aspect of your physical body, your emotions and all things spiritual; one of the keys to the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection. It completely manages the auto-pilot stuff; the blinking, breathing, sweating…Can you imagine if we were responsible to keep all of thoseBeads of Sweat vital aspects moving and functioning on a conscious level? (Yikes)! It’s massively impressive when you think about every single cell that has to function independently as well as corporately. The heart must have the correct electrical current to beat rhythmically. The pupils automatically dilate and constrict by a mere shift in the lighting conditions. And who’s in charge? The Subconscious Mind. In a short stint of my undergrad education I had the opportunity to be a Director for several mock, live television shows. Between trying to keep clear in my head which camera needed to move to which location, and when to tell them to zoom in or out, while yelling at the guy whose shot was out of focus, and belting out commands to the Technical Director for which camera to “TAKE” live, I was a sweaty, hot mess. Obviously, I would not be a good choice to direct all that the Subconscious Mind does automatically. We are truly, wonderfully made.


Kids Tennis MissThe Subconscious Mind is also that part of you that takes whiffing at the tennis ball or the bow-legged, unbalanced form of a new ice skater and moves those repeatedly practiced swings and glides into ever growing levels of experience and competency. Eventually, that forehand-cross-court-in-the-corner shot, becomes beautifully fluid and consistent, while the next skill level is focused on with grunts and groans. At some point, they too, becomes part of the skill set that moves automatically. And here’s something else about Competency. We can become really good at bad things. The Subconscious Mind does not discriminate. Like the clear intention of that tennis player to practice over and over to be the best, we can also habitually “practice” other areas that can become efficient barriers and blocks.


And….there’s so much more. The Subconscious Mind is also your historian and librarian. It is the holder of all your memories; conscious, subconscious and cellular. It has cataloged your experiences, perceptions, beliefs and emotions connected to those memories; including those that took place while you were developing in your mother’s womb. And it specifically knows where each of those pieces of history and all the emotional content have been stored. (No closets or rugs to tuck things in or under here).

One of the positions that Splankna Institute holds about the Subconscious Mind is that it is fully aware and operating at conception. This was never made plainer to me than when I was working with a client and the origin of the issue took place at conception. (Once again, I flunked Poker Face 101). Incredulous, I asked if she had any insight. She immediately stated, “I was conceived out of rape.” Bingo. The Emotional Environment and perception of self and others surrounding that experience was part of that Subconscious memory. It was one of the deepest, longest, emotional taproots I’d ever worked through with a client. And yet, we were able to use Energy Psychology and Applied Kinesiology to “repel” to the depth needed to identify, acknowledge, and release what was holding that issue in place. AK, or muscle testing, was the bridge to that subconsciously held information.


So, my Zero to Sixty client and I descended into the subconsciously held Emotional Programs that had fueled her death wishes.  We were able to dismantle defense mechanisms. We kept descending. Objections were corrected. We kept lowering. We reached the roots. All the time working with the Subconscious and it’s powerful influence and knowledge of the entire emotional, physical, spiritual system. At those deepest levels the effectiveness of the  Energy Psychology protocols resulted in powerful, emotional shifts. We saw less and less toxic, emotional fuel as we processedCave Descent through each program of stored material. And much to my client’s credit, her determination set the stage for success.  During the time we worked diligently together, her glimmer of hope became a sustaining place of peace and finally, emotional health. The continued release of old perceptions and those toxic emotions resulted in a vibrant woman who would have potentially missed both her son and daughter’s weddings. Old perceptions were replaced with new, healthy perspectives that she practiced, and continues to practice again and again. (Competency at it’s best). She truly sees herself and others in a way that she would have thought previously impossible. Life, since our time together, has not always been wonderful for her, as she is quick to point out. However, her hard work has held. No longer are the toxic,  subconscious rules and perceptions driving her.  She is now my client who “Believes” in a hope and a future. And it’s a hope and a future that others can experience as well.

Thanks for being here!

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Applied Kinesiology

Author: Kimberly Fitzgerald, MA

Applied Kinesiology a.k.a. Muscle Testing

Classic Leonardo DaVinci AK

I told the immense body builder sitting in my office that while I applied a bit of pressure with my hand to the top of his outstretched arm that I wanted him to resist; not wrestle, but gently resist. “I,” I continued to explain, “am going to ask a series of questions where the answer is obviously ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Please let your arm give the response.” I gathered from his sharply raised right eye-brow (I’m quick like that) that he was, hmm.., shall we say, skeptical.  For every answer that was “no” his arm was as brick-like and unmovable as a fully flexed, sculpted arm could be. For every answer that was “yes” his arm immediately gave way. I now, again, with lightning fast intuition and observation skills, saw both eyebrows arch in awe.


It’s where most of us have been for our first encounter; (if we’ve experienced muscle testing); with a Spock-like, arched eyebrow revealing some obvious doubt. My first experience was in 1988.

She wasn’t like any Chiropractor I’d ever been to before. (And let me say that there are connoisseurs of wine and then there’s me, a connoisseur of chiropractors). I’d seen a slew and experienced about every approach and technique available at the time. Dr. Carol LaBlanc, however, shared a “flavor” I’d not tried before. Like the body-builder, her line of questioning did nothing to the firm pressure sustained between us until she spoke the words, “finances and money.” It was then that my slim but strong appendage begin acting like an independent gambler pulling the handle on some invisible slot machine.   It was my first stunning experience with Applied Kinesiology, or as we say, “muscle testing.”


It is out of the pioneering work of both Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Scott Walker that we have Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and Neural Emotional Technique (N.E.T.).  AK allows us to use the body’s own energy system to detect strength, weakness, congruence, and incongruence. N.E.T. has given us a base or a road map to take a deeper look at specific areas that may be contributing to those strengths and weaknesses. Those areas would include emotional, toxins, nutrition and health, and structural and physical.


Simple Photo AK

Rather than guessing or hoping we have all the pertinent information to treat a specific presenting issue we now get behind the scenes information to help guide us, as practitioners, towards the effective, sustaining solutions that are customized to each and every individual.


So why start here talking about Energy Psychology? There are plenty of other protocols and approaches (which I’ll highlight as well in future posts) that don’t require muscle testing. It is my humble opinion and experience that there is only so much that can be addressed in a purely conscious connection to the issue. We are deep wells of experience and perception. (You know I’m serious when I underline, italicize AND use bold). And all of our perceptions are held at a Subconscious level. So, how do you get there quickly and effectively? Muscle testing. Remember Hercules I was working with earlier? His presenting issue was deeply connected to the perception of, “I am not good enough.” By utilizing certain protocols that guided me to ask a line of questions while muscle testing, we were able to reveal the answers to the “roots” of his perception. (This is one of the few time that showing your roots is a good thing, right ladies)? It is the Subconscious that knows what that root of perception means, what beliefs roots (1)have been fueled by that perception, and the feelings about self and others that developed as a result. It is often out of difficult, challenging experiences that these perceptions first take root and the Subconscious knows and stores that vital piece of information as well.

So please, stay tuned for my next post where we peek under the surface and get acquainted with the Subconscious.

Thanks for being here!


(There are different views on what constitutes a “Yes” response and a “No” response while muscle testing. I will specifically address this in a later post but will say that Intention will deliver consistent responses no matter the line of questioning if the practitioner is clear on what they expect as a response each and every time. Also, there are a myriad of styles and approaches to Muscle Testing. More on both of these topics later).

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Energy Psychology: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice and the White Rabbit

Author: Kimberly Fitzerald, MA

How did I get here? I went from declaring, (with great gusto, I might add), that, “I will NEVER be a therapist, counselor or mental health worker…ever”, to recently casting my eyes towards the diploma hanging on the wall. It clearly states, “Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.” What the heck? Also, in my earlier years, I predetermined that all this hokey concerning ‘energy’, ‘meridians’ and ‘mind-body work’ was unfounded and something to stear clear in case it might infect and disrupt a rational person’s mind. As I was recently flipping through my certifications and training manuals I noted that I stand currently proficient in EMDR, Splankna, EFT, as well as other energy protocols. What rabbit hole did the conservative thinking/believing person I call “me” fall down, for Pete sake?! I’m here to tell you, it’s a glorious rabbit hole and like Alice in her unbelievable journey, my stories and experiences have been wondrous. And I want to share them with you. Not only do I want to share the stories, both of myself and those who have been courageous enough to jump into their own amazing journey but to give you information and resources about this brave “new” world of psychology along the way.

Alice In Wonderland Poster


We’re calling it Energy Psychology. And when I say “we” I am referring to an increasing, expanding group of clinicians and therapists (as well as others) who have moved or are moving into this non-modern approach to address emotional challenges at their root. Seriously. We’re root pullers; removing and vanquishing the noxious source of the dis-ease and sowing new perceptions grounded in health, hope and a future. At least, for now, Energy Psychology is the term we are referring to in order to describe the collection of approaches that can access consciously and subconsciously held information. They not only provide access to the old, stored, dysfunctional perceptions and experiences fueling symptoms, but provide a way to “uproot” and remove the noxious, toxic sources. There is now room for health, room for  peace of mind, room for hope and room for a much brighter tomorrow…and the next day, and the next. But wait! (No Ginzu knives to purchase, but just as enticing….). There is also the wonderful option for individuals who are not so much plagued by mental health issues and concerns but for those who are reaching for the golden ring in their world of passion and for whatever reason it slips past them time and time again. Energy Psychology provides us the opportunity to discover and remove the blocking beliefs and emotions so that the fine, shiny ring of those once elusive goals and desires are now potentially within reach.


I certainly don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Many of the protocols and approaches have been around for lots of years. (When you consider that the concept and understanding of the Meridian System is 2000 years old, I’d say that’s ‘lots’). Along with the foundation and understanding of the energy system there have been, and continues to be, some amazing individuals who have pioneered the protocols and energy work that I’ll be referencing and briefly explaining as we journey together. Rather than give you tons of information that is available on their websites and in their books I will provide the resources and links if you desire to investigate deeper into the nitty-gritty details.


More than anything I want to tell you there is hope out there for some really difficult mental health conditions and situations as well as wonderful opportunities to move towards personal growth goals. Wouldn’t it be a true answer to prayer for our veterans who suffer from PTSD to have a treatment approach that could actually find those unprocessed, emotional horrors and provide an actual solution? What about eliminating the debilitating fear of flying or venturing out of the house? Can you imagine someone who no longer has to wake up night after night with cold sweats and the imprint of the last nightmare still flashing across their eyes? How would someone feel if the invasion of anxiety and panic were reduced to a mild concern or none at all? Let me also say, there are no guarantees and everyone’s journey requires the time and commitment of going through that journey, however, the stated scenarios above are only a drop in the bucket to the beautiful people connected to those cases who have found emotional, mental freedom and rest as we’ve utilized Energy Psychology together.

I love that you’re here, willing to take a few moment to consider, maybe for yourself, maybe for someone else, the possibility that there are answers. If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to explore something that seems strange and Wonderlandish just because we can.

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